At AnimalShacks Chickens & Coops we sell a comprehensive range of POL (point of lay) hybrid hens. Our ethos is to endeavour to give our hens the best start in life. We believe that because they are raised in a friendly-family environment, by people who genuinely care for their welfare, will enable us to provide our customers with healthier happier hens! 



Hand-made quality coops and pens. We have used our experience to provide coops/pens which are comfortable for your chickens and, just as importantly, features to help you maintain the coops with ease! Quality hand-made coops and

pens are the perfect, affordable solution for you chickens, whether you have just two hens, or a large flock, their comfort and safety are foremost in our design.


Layer Pellets, Grower Pellets, Oyster-shell mixed grit, Bedding, Diatomaceous earth (mite powder) Mixed Corn, Apple Cider Vinegar, Feeders & Drinkers and other chicken related sundries and healthcare products are available here, at very good prices. In addition AnimalShacks Chicken Hotel provides care, in a safe  environment, for your hens whilst you're away (please visit Holiday Hen Chicken 

Hotel on our FB site, or via our FB AnimalShacks Chickens And Coops site) Our interactive page at is the perfect place to ask advice, post stories or ask questions and to find useful information; with almost 400 members, our group is growing fast, and we feel that everyone contributes in their way...we thoroughly enjoy it, we hope you do too!